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By Robert McRoberts


July 08, 2006

I am sure some of you get tired of seeing my letters. My last one on global warming is not even at the bottom of the list. But I feel that my kind of prospective is needed. So now I am going to put a few opinions of mine in.

I live in the Borough and I want to vote for issues in the city. I pay all your sales taxes - it affects me too. Separation is a form of racism. On the property tax issue, if you keep raising taxes the working class people will not be able to live here. Can you not see that happening right now? Look around, every one is looking for good help. There are just not enough quality workers to go around. Why? Because we can not afford to live here any more as it is now.

Most of our assembly does not understand, they are all successful people and can take the time to be on the assembly. They are not the people that have to work their butts off working lots of overtime or two jobs. So if taxes keep going up who is going to be left here to serve you? We need to start shrinking the amount of government employees. And maybe they should get paid by the amount of work they do not by job classification. Let's get read of the slackers. It's too bad the reputation of the government workers is "easy street". It's the hard workers that are paying your wages - well sorta.

I am still going to vote for consolidating. If I can not afford to live here after that, I will be moving on just like others. It's too bad we can be forced out of the community we grew up in and all that will be left is a pile of smoldering ashes. Let's hope it doesn't come down to that because the fire department won't be able to keep up with the calls.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan AK - USA

About: Long time Ketchikan resident and local business owner.



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