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Global Warming
By Robert McRoberts


July 06, 2006

Science and history... Why do I see global warming as a fact and that we are still receding from the last ice age? Of course we are warming up, it been going on and will still be happening tomorrow. Are we messing it up? Sure we are and are we slowing our levels of pollutions down. No. Simple. You slow some industries but others start new processes that harm the world just because the common human has no control. It's all about power and money. We always say how China's population is out of control, but what about America? We have a problem too. Housing is in so much demand, the price is sky rocketing. Why do so many risk their lives to sneak in to America? Simple we brag about how good we've got it here. They can not form their own regime and battle their government. Why? Because America will call them rebels, and throw them in jail.

Some people just think if we stop polluting our world every thing will go back to normal. What is normal? I think we may have helped speed things up. So in my opinion we should buckle up and enjoy the ride. We're just going to get there faster. Isn't that how we always want things?

I would like to impose my theory on why water levels have not drastically risen over the years. The idea came to me one night while sitting around in the soaking hole. I admit, I may have had a few to power the thought. I watched as the space station orbited the earth and as it came right over Deer Mountain... had to of been there - but glad you were not. Much later a shooting star - or was it just an alien tanker headed out to the Pacific Ocean? My theory... the water levels have not changed because aliens have been coming and sucking it out as it melts. The earth has been an ice storage location. Now think about that - maybe we are supposed to be the caretakers of the water. Boy we sure screwed that up.

But for you that just believe the new superman is going to save the planet, good luck and have a nice day. You might not live long - but for the rest of us, let's start getting ready for what's ahead. Clean hydroelectric plants, no more coal burners and we can still burn diesel fuel for power. Get the junk cars off the roads. I only mean junk - not cool cars that are taken care of. The government is concerned with big rigs but not with all the small cars. Tour busses should all blow their exhaust out the top so they quit filling my car with fumes. But I don't have time for this got'a get things done that I can do something about. Have a great life.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan , AK - USA

About: A long time resident of Ketchikan.


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