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Rumors and half-truth viruses
By Michael Francis Dunne


July 24, 2005

I am writing in support of Cheryl L. Dodson's July 20th letter to the editor of Sitnews. It is because of people like Cheryl who are willing to step up - say what needs to be said that sheds critical light on what I call viruses. These individuals or viruses get certain KIC employees stirred up as well. Then the rumors and half-truths start flying around. It is unfortunate that these individuals are the same people who are constantly looking for quick hand-outs in support of their negative lifestyle. Come on! Stop playing the victim and take responsibility for your actions! This behavior has to stop. It is detrimental to KIC as it creates a hostile work environment, low morale for the rest of the dedicated employees and more importantly takes away from critical matters that affect and shape our Native Community not to mention it also makes our society look bad. Those individuals in KIC Tribal Council take note! You do not live in a box. Eyes are watching and you are being judged by your actions. Remember you are there for KIC members, voted in by the members, and for the members - not yourself and hidden personal agendas. Thanks to people such as Cheryl the viruses can't hide in the dark anymore.

It's unfortunate that Stephanie Rainwater-Sande did not run again for council. Stephanie must have been totally frustrated to have stepped away like she did. I am sure she probably felt she had no other choice. In the end KIC lost a fighter for the people.

It appears there are those in this council who are threatened by intelligent, educated and experienced people - most ignorant people are. There is a saying, "It's okay to be stupid and ignorant as long as you don't stay stupid and ignorant!" Hopefully this will encourage those in council with common sense to step forward, seek solutions, and help plan a right and proper direction for our people. I also encourage one or more positive members of our community to decide to run for council. Otherwise, in my opinion, KIC Tribal Council should change its name to the "Crab Clan."


Michael Francis Dunne
Ketchikan, AK - USA


We are one society the Tlingits, Haidas, and Tsimpshians. Let's not forget that. United we stand divided we fall.

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