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Another qualified, educated and dedicated employee fired
By Cheryl L. Dodson


July 20, 2005

Dear Editor SitNews:

I read the article in the Ketchikan Daily News, Wednesday, July 20 issue that once again the KIC Tribal Council has decided to "fire" another qualified, educated and dedicated employee, Georgianna Zimmerle. What is wrong with you members, Chaz, Joel, Norman, and Carrie? Why allow a Native Employee to work for just a short time and than get rid of her? It takes time to figure out the policies, procedures, and Government contracting let alone how to work with a Council that micromanages the programs. Why was Mrs. Zimmerle not given a fair opportunity to do the job she was hired for? We have non Native employees that are allowed to stay on and are even rehired after violating major policies. No wonder people question our abilities. Georgianna is a fine person. I understand that she has done a wonderful job the past several years. Ms. Zimmerle was "let go" from the Borough position that she held for many years now her own people are treating her the same way.

Search your hearts and ask yourselves, Is this another example of the "crab syndrome" that we are known for: "Indians are like crabs in a bucket, when one climbs out the others pull it down"?

Thank you Rob, Merle and Sam for standing by your leader. Stand proud Georg, you have a number of people who respect and support you.


Cheryl L. Dodson
Seattle, WA - USA


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