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Use some common sense
By Janelle Hamilton


July 06, 2005

I read the letter written by Nancy Jensen and whole heartedly agree with her. People on the North end need to slow down. I live at Vallenar View and yes there are a lot of kids walking in that area to and from the store. If it is raining, you really should slow down as it is easy to be pulled along by the water filled grooves in the road.

I work on the South end so driving back and forth to work I witness many stupid driving incidents. Not only do people need to slow down, please do not tail gate us that do drive the speed limit. I have narrowly missed getting hit many times by other drivers - people pulling into traffic with out looking, people riding the yellow line, people passing me or someone else, etc.  

Also, what's the deal with riding as close to the yellow line as you can?? Talk about unsafe! Yes, I am the one in the red car waving at people to move over into their lane and I will keep doing this as it gets pretty dicey heading around the curves in the road out to Saxman.

On the North end of town the new road is pretty wide yet one day I waved a guy over in his truck as even with all that room, he was still right next to the little yellow markers on the road??  Come on folks; use some common sense and safe driving rules on the road and stay on your side of the road!

Janelle Hamilton
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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