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By Nancy Jensen


June 26, 2005

Just as I was just sitting down today to write this my anger became FURY! Drivers on North Tongass past Lighthouse grocery need to think, slow down, and go the posted speed limit!!! Today on the highway within the last hour and a half a family pet was struck by a car and then just a few minutes ago a CHILD was hit on the stretch of highway in front of my home.

Earlier while we were helping the family with their dog I noticed that drivers paid very little attention to all of the people standing and helping along the side of the road. In fact drivers seemed oblivious to our plight as I and another helper asked cars to slow because of the many children that were trying to come and see what was going on. I do want to thank those who slowed and stopped for us, but, for those who kept right on going without slowing down, SHAME SHAME SHAME.

I don't know the situation out there right now with the child that has been hit but it is simply tragic to think that a child has been hurt.

Folks need to stop hitting the accelerator as they crest the hill in front of Lighthouse Grocery and reach this stretch of straight road. Many children live and walk along the highway here and now one may have paid the price for your need for speed. Not to mention the lovely family pet that was struck. Tragedies can be avoided with some defensive driving and common sense.

I have a clear view of the road and can hear the engines roar as folks "blow the carbon out" right after the store. I also have keen eyes and a video camera, that I intend to start using. If you speed in front of my house, don't be surprised if the troopers visit you with a nice tape of your smiling face behind the wheel!

Nancy Jensen
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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