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Loring Dock
by Don Johnson


July 16, 2004

Dear Sitnews,

I noticed your photo on the Loring Dock. I have had a house in Loring since 1983. We are paying property taxes in Loring to KGB. But, we get no services. The borough claims that the dock in Loring is a state dock, and won't help us repair it. We have been trying to keep the dock repaired ourselves for years. This winter the dock started breaking up in a storm, and I was the only one out there at the time. I managed to get the sections tied up, and Lyle Stack helped secure them when he came in the next day. Then in March the state comes in and removes 3 sections claiming they are unsafe leaving us with what U see in the photo. If the state doesn't have responsibility for the dock, why did they remove sections claiming liability issues. My parents are living there, they are in their 70's. The way the state left the dock makes it difficult for all. I want to know where my tax money is going. Talking to these paper shufflers is frustrating.

Thank You.

Don Johnson
Ketchikan, AK - USA



Replacement Ferry by Jim Dahl



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