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'Replacement Ferry'
by Jim Dahl


July 09, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - After the City of Loring's dock was removed, the residents now must get permission to use a "replacement ferry". The State removed the dock because it was unsafe and because neither the State nor many local residents had done the needed maintenance on it. Could the State do the same thing in Ketchikan if the City refuses to accept or do maintenance on our harbor docks as reported recently?

photo replacement ferry

The "replacement ferry" shown in the photograph is a boat privately owned by Lyle Stack of Ketchikan who has worked for many years putting in many hours maintaining the dock which the State of Alaska failed to do. Permission needs to be obtained from Lyle Stack before using his boat.

Also photographed were remains of the cannery beds in the century-old cannery site in Loring. The beds were in a bunkhouse used by cannery workers at the turn of the century, a time when Loring was one of the largest towns in Alaska. Today only a handful of independent and hearty souls live in Loring.


photo old cannery beds


photo old cannery beds


photo old cannery beds

Jim Dahl ©2004


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