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Mr. Gurley's Letter
By Timothy Droke


June 28, 2006

So Mr. Gurley tells us that we were mislead and lied to by our leaders before the Iraq war. I would really like Mr. Gurley to provide the evidence for this other than making empty accusations.

The whole international community from Russian to French, Itallian, United Nations and the US all agreed that Iraq had a covert weapons program, shoot even Sadams generals were stunned on the eve of the invasion when Sadam informed them that no such weapons existed.

There have been investigations in to the pre war intelligence debacle and there has never been any conclusion that we were deliberately mislead. One thing that we must remember is to let the justice system we have try these soldiers! Hearing an accusation in the media that soldiers are being investigated is all that we know, no one should be labeld as guilty until they have had their day in court! To compare the morality of our soldiers to the insurgents who I'm sure tortured those young soldiers by gouging their eyes out while still breathing is despicable.

I also would really like Mr. Gurley to post links to articles or web sites with transcripts that prove his accusation that our leaders tied Iraq to 9/11, from what I remember it was made pretty clear by this administration that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

I can agree with Mr. Gurley that our soldiers coming home is what is needed but one must look empirically at the situation and understand that for us to leave Iraq to the terrorists would be a bigger mistake. I want our soldiers home just as much as the next person.

Timothy Droke
Mesa, AZ - USA

About: Timothy Droke was born and raised in Alaska. He now live in Arizona


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