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As depraved as the so called "Terrorists"
By Dave Gurley


June 25, 2006

Michael Reagan, perhap has forgotten, but the people who most likely kidnapped and tortured these proud, courageous and very patriotic U.S. Soldiers are Iraqis who oppose the fact that America is brutally occupying their country. There are stories daily about how American troops are massacring innocent Iraqi women and children and then claiming it was self defense. Are you saying that because our soldiers eyes were gouged out and they were beheaded, that that is worse than simply being shot in the back of the head, dumped in a hole and having your executioners lay a shovel next to you claiming that you were an insurgent? There are horrific acts being commited on both sides.

The true rage shouldn't be that these Iraqis are defending their homeland from American agression, but that our leaders totally made stories up of mobile bio-weapons labs and stories of imminent threats and stories that Iraqis were somehow involved in 9/11 to mislead the American people into supporting this horrific war. Now that we know the original stories were all crapolla, we should get the heck out of there and we should find who is responsible for this horrible misadventure and we should hold them accountable. To do any less would simply invite future Administrations to commit the same crimes if not worse.

Lest we forget, our military is the greatest fighting machine on earth. We weaken it by sending them into an unprovoked war based on lies against an "enemy" who did absolutely nothing to us. We weaken it even further when we ask those same proud, courageous and patriotic soldiers to become an occupying force in a hostile land even after we learn the war was based on lies.

Dave Gurley
Chandler, AZ - USA

About: A proud and patriotic, but horribly outraged American . I'm neither a Conservative nor a Liberal. I'm a registered Independant.


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