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Grandma Hjorteset
By June Allen


June 20, 2006

Reading Neil Gray's recent Viewpoints letter and remembering Grandma Hjorteset made my day! Back in the mid-1960s, I was a brand new reporter at the Ketchikan Daily News. I knew next to nothing about reporting and even less about baseball. So when editor Albro Gregory handed me a scribbled phone number and barked in his high-pitched voice, "Call Edna Hjorteset about yesterday's ballgame!" I did as I was told. But after I dialed, I'd already forgotten how he pronounced her unusual name -- and its spelling wasn't any help at all! So after identifying myself, I stammered a few sounds and she laughed and said, "Just pronounce it the easy way... "your to set"... down. Set down? Get it?" I got it, gratefully told her thanks and started asking questions. She answered them all and I had the ingredients for a story. Then I said, automatically, "Thank you, Mrs. ...." and for a moment drew a blank but finally stammered... "Mrs. Have-a-seat." The lady thought it was hilarious, thank goodness! She and her granddaughter, Pam, repeated that story so many times that I didn't even blush anymore.

June Allen
Palmer AK USA

About: "Formerly from Ketchikan, my favorite town in the world."


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