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Ketchikan Baseball
By Neil Gray


June 19, 2006

I believe the comments from Tracy, Travis, and Justin were right on line. Anytime former players look back with respect to former coaches and friends, you tend realize how important role models are. I umpired many a game Ken coached, and I DO KNOW he was intense, supported his players and stood up for them.

As long as they were bringing back fond memories, let me share one with you. In 1971, the first year I broadcast Senior League games for KTKN at Norman Walker field, I sat in the press box with Grandma Hjorteset and Red Jewel. The old dark, green, dungy press box where you couldn't even see the center fielder unless you ducked down to table level. Those games were probably the most fun I ever had working with a press box crew on baseball. Those two worked hard for Ketchikan Little League Baseball. Sorry, not room enough to name everybody!

The names mentioned in the comments by the three young men who played baseball there brought back many a good memory. Thanks.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA

About: Neil Gray is a former 20+ year resident of Ketchikan, and involved in Ketchikan baseball in broadcasting, coaching, or umpiring for most of that time.

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