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Rush to Judgement & Thanks
By Todd Miller


June 30, 2005

People need to check their facts before spouting off at the mouth. Nancy was a wee bit out of line with her opinion peice by using Haley's accident to further her personal agenda. While it is true that many people drive faster than neccesary on our vast hiway system, the truth is what happened was not a result of a driver speeding or not paying attention. Actually, "said driver" was aware of the children, AND slowed down and moved towards the center of the road to avoid Haley. Had she not been aware and careful Haley could have been killed. What happened was an error in judgement on the child's part. I say this knowing the facts, and being a close friend of Haley's family. I am truly saddened to see her have to go through such trauma. I was upset when I learned of the news and at first I was angered at what I too thought must have been an irresponsible driver, but saved that thought for myself until I LEARNED THE FACTS! Nancy the shame is on you for your rush to judgement.

Now, I would like to thank EVERYONE that has assisted Haley and her father. Thank you to the North Tongass Fire Department, the Alaska State Troopers, and everyone at Ketchikan General Hospital for the great care they have given Haley! Thanks to all who have sent cards, toys, balloons, flowers, and good wishes to the family!

Todd Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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