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By Marie L Monyak


June 30, 2005

What would the world be like if everyone refused to accept responsibility for their behavior and actions? Like the woman from McDonalds that spilled coffee and burned her lap? Or like Ms. Linda Burger who claims to be a world traveler yet arrives in our town without a dime and tries to find someone to blame for her predicament. Ms Burger, you came to a RAINFOREST (get it? RAIN forest) and complain about getting soaked. Was someone also supposed to tell you ahead of time that it rains alot in Ketchikan? Whom do you blame for that? I must admit though, I'm curious how you could have gotten "soaked" anyhow. The bagage carousel is indoors. The short jaunt across the street to the stairs is the only open area. Then down the stairs to the fee collection booth which is also covered (and by the way it is NOT all the way down to the ferry but rather at the top of the ramp). I would imagine that many large airports offer free shuttles, but those same airports most likely serve millions and millions of people yearly and take in a bit more money than our tiny airport so they can probly afford it. Perhaps you would be happier living near LAX or O'Hare or Heathrow?

My memory escapes me at the moment because I cannot remember the name of the nice man that operated the Water Taxi but what he did to help was commendable and also "very Ketchikan like". People helping others and looking out for each other is what makes our town so unique, just like having to take a ferry from the airport makes our town special and different.

Ms. Burger, perspective is everything. Your letter COULD have read: "Wow, just arrived in Ketchikan. Didn't have time beforehand to find out about the place but learned real fast that it was a rainforest. I was walking around outside and got soaked in two minutes flat. The local people don't seem bothered by it, they just stroll along. I've never seen rain like that, how incredible, it sure smelled clean though! Then when I realized that I had to take a ferry to get to town and didn't have the fare a very nice man offered me a free ride. The boat ride was pretty interesting too, I got to see all the city lights across the channel. Can't wait to tell my family what an adventure I had and how friendly and nice the people are." Like I said Ms Burger, perspective is everything.

If adults do not start taking more responsibility for their actions, how can we ever expect our children to?


Marie L Monyak
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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