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Airport Ferry Fee
By Linda Burger


June 28, 2005

Two years ago I also landed at Ketchikan airport for the very first time. I just flew all the way from London, England. It was dark and rainy outside and I was struggling very much to carry all of my heavy luggage. Soaking wet I got in line at the ferry, only to find out I had to pay a fee. Of course I had not a penny left after visiting my family and nobody told me I had to pay for a ferry ride.

So I struggled back up to the terminal, exhausted, frustrated, cold and wet. Just as I was sitting down trying to figure out what next, the gentleman from the Water Taxi came over asking if anything was the matter. I explained to him (trying very hard not to cry) and he kindly offered to taxi me over to the parking lot for free. He even carried my luggage!

Thank you so very much, that's one of the kindest things a stranger has ever done for me.

ps. After completing a lot of international flights and stopping over at a lot of airports, it has always suprised me that I never have to pay to be transported around an airport. Not even for a fifteen minute busride from a trainstation to the airport! And then you land at Ketchikan International Airport....

Linda Burger
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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