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By Charlotte Glover


June 30, 2005

Dear Sitnews,

Great conversation, as always, on Sitnews this week. Many thanks to Sarah Corporon for talking about the boys choir. I was there with my four year old son and we had a wonderful time. It was awe inspiring to hear those dozens of voices lifted up to the heavens. My only sorrow was that so many of our fellow citizens missed this once in lifetime opportunity. I recognized all the usual faces from our library events and it is a constant frustration of mine that we reach the same people again and again with our arts programming, regardless of the day or time.

On another note, Jerry's good work, our recent neighborhood Raven rescue and the tragic deaths of three boys in an abandoned car in Philadelphia this past week have all reminded me recently why proper trash removal is so critical. Sure, it's nice aesthetically to have pretty places to look at, but trash can also kill.

Animals ingest garbage or get caught in it's snares, kids get trapped in cars and refridgerators and debris can cause injury and accidents. I spend a lot of time at the beach picking up rusty nails reminded of my mother's warnings about tetnus and staph infections. This stuff is no joke when it is your child in the hospital.

Or your cat! I've spent about $2000 on vet bills getting twine out of my cat's stomach in past years. We have a ban on string, twine, yarn, ribbon and rubber bands anywhere our cat can reach in our home. Wild cats would have the same problem with items they can't digest and many are "wool suckers" from birth, having been weened too early.

Regarding the cancer conversation, I too, have a lot of friends who have had cancer in Ketchikan. I think about the environmental issues, but I also notice that Ketchikan remains a town where a lot of people smoke and where it is very hard to find a healthy meal. We could all do a lot more to take care of ourselves and promote healthy habits in our community that would help prevent cancer from being so prevalent. I would love to see local restaurants featuring whole grain bread, brown rice, fresh vegetables, blueberries, and soy products among other things that are known to help keep our bodies well and fighting cancer cells.

Happy 4th of July to everyone!

Charlotte Glover
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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