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Re: Shame
By Karen Ramsey


June 27, 2005

I hope, hope, hope that the child struck on the highway will be okay. I live out north about 12 miles. I automatically slow down when I see people walking along the highway, as well as when I see bicyclists. North Tongass Highway is hazardous for both. Not only are many drivers out this way notorious for speeding, they are also terrible tailgaters, not to mention litterers. Many will also cut right in front of motorists as they pull onto the highway; I've had to brake many a time just to accomodate some bad driver who seems unable to gauge when it's okay to get on the highway. It's rare that I drive on the highway without wondering why so many people do a poor job of operating a motor vehicle.

I second the motion to get drivers' attention back to where it needs to be: on driving. Please stop being absent-minded while driving; it may help you realize you're going too fast, following too closely, or not using good judgment as to when it's safe to pull onto the road. And yes, shame on you if you feel like you don't need to think about such things while driving!

Karen Ramsey
Ward Cove, AK - USA


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