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DSM hearings
By Matt Connell


June 26, 2005

I'm sorry, Josh, but strong language seems to be the only language that ever gets through at all. If we don't use strong language, then liberals are immediately labeled as weak. If proof is all you want you simply need to look. You will have more than enough proof within the next couple days when Rep. Conyers and other officials involved in the DSM hearings bring forward new and devastating documents, undeniable, clear-as-can-be satellite photographs of the covert and illegal air-war Bush had been conducting for months and months prior to bringing the idea forward to Congress of the UN.

This illegal war was meant to be kept secret and was intended to soften resistance for a smooth ground-invasion, and was also hoped to provoke Saddam into firing upon one of the American or British jets which were bombing the crap out of them on a daily basis. Saddam did not bite, so about half way through Bush decided to simply start pummeling the Iraqis until they couldn't resist shooting back. Amazingly, they never did. So, Bush just had to go forward with an invasion that was now even more illegal than it would've been since he had begun major bombing prior to recieving Congressional approval.

Now, looking back, Bush and just about anyone associated with him are all guilty on so many different levels. So, it ultimaately will not matter whether or not the DSM is the original copy or not, since all of those involved in its writing and release to the public are coming forward and testifying about what they knew. This sure don't look to good for Bush, now! It's not even just the DSM. The DSM is simply the can opener we needed to get the can of worms cracked open which are going to devour Bush and all his friends.

Don't you dare start blaming Clinton for this and that, wither. I don't even care anymore. Maybe he did do some illegal stuff. I don't even care anymore. But anything Clinton may be guilty of is going to look like child's play compared to the major, major crimes against humanity which Bush is clearly guilty of in my opinion.

Josh, I respect your opinion. You're a Southerner and likely have much different political views than I do, but wrong is wrong regardless of which state you're from. I hate to make such a broad stereotype, but I have come to rely on the South when it comes to consistently making the wrong choice when it comes to politics. Wisconsin isn't perfect, but at least I can see a bright future for my state since I see us moving in a positive, healthy direction. I really hope that Georgia and the rest of the South will push their egos out of the way so I can say that I see a bright future for them as well.


Matt Connell
Onalaska, WI - USA


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