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Downing Street Memo
By Josh Cook


June 25, 2005

Mr. Nelson Guyther, what makes you think that Matthew Rycroft's silence means the memo is true. The JOURNALIST SAID HE DESTROYED THE ORIGINALS AND RETYPED THEM!!! And you're just gonna believe it's true because Bush is SO EVIL. Get real.

Until I have Proof that the memo is real, and untampered with, I will not believe them. READ it! IT DOESN'T PROVE ANYTHING!!! Quit believing whatever you hear on CNN, CBS or whatever liberal news station you listen too.

Mr. Matt Connell, I need proof! Not just a bunch of strong language. Do you have any?
Your letter sounded like the Memo, chocked full of words that mean NOTHING.

Josh Cook
Rocky Face, GA - USA


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