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Downing Street memos
By Nelson Guyther


June 22, 2005

People are going out of their way to try to discredit the Downing Street memos, calling them forgeries - fakes.

The idea that a president of the United States actually lied and contrived reasons to start an unnecessary war is so horrendous no one wants to come to grips with it, not even the most ardent Bush supporters.

What we want is someone to make it all go away, like a bad dream.

No, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity can not help here. Only one man can help and that man has been conspicuously silent.

That man is Matthew Rycroft, the original author of the memo, the man whose job it was to accurately record the minutes of the meeting in question.

You see, Matthew Rycroft is alive and well and is known by all the major players in this story. If the memos were fake or even if one word was inaccurate Matthew Rycroft would surely let this be known?

It's been over six weeks since the memos were first published and Matthew Rycroft's silence is deafening.

Proof positive that the memos are authentic and that we Americans have been lied to.

Not a pleasant thought but one we Americans must begin to come to grips with.

Nelson Guyther
Vineyard Haven, MA - USA



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