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Nightmares and Despair
By Don Hoff Jr.


June 16, 2005

Colleen Scanlon, the residents didn't vote for a bridge that I can remember. I recall a vote on a concept and location of the proposed bridge, A, B, or C. You can forget about me throwing in the towel. If anybody is writing rhetoric it is you. The proposed $315 million dollar bridge to Gravina via Pennock Island in Ketchikan, Alaska is a big con job and ramming a bridge project down the throats of residents of Ketchikan and the American taxpayer.

This proposed bridge has everything to do with Governor Frank Murkowski's personal gain by building this bridge. Frank's family owns 33 acres of property, valued at $224,000 on Gravina Island. Frank has a conflict of interest lobbying for this bridge and not disclosing this property to APOC.

I have argued with Paul Wingren and Ralph Bartholomew about the bridge 15 years or so. I can not support anybody then and now that want to cause further desecration of our Native grave sites on Pennock Island or anywhere in Alaska.

Airport Ferry ferries over 300 000 people and revenues of the 80 000 or more motor vehicles per year. The State of Alaska and Federal Aviation split the cost of building the newer ferry and rising rates had nothing to do with the cost of that new ferry boat. There is no local bond to pay back. How do you know Colleen, that there will not be a toll charge? You must be a dreamer. How stupid do you think the electors are in Ketchikan?

The raising of ferry rates was another tactic by your local and State politicians to get public reaction and support for the boondoggle alternative. Maybe a full disclosure of revenues and expenses would help educate people in Ketchikan who are being led by puppeteers and so-called visionaries who purchased land on Gravina and Pennock Island. Local government does not want the ferry to be cost effective; but trying to persuade the general public the perception that a bridge is needed.

The boon-doggle bridge will have a toll charge one way or another. The State of Alaska has an in-kind portion to federal funding is 20% of today's cost of the proposed $315 million dollar bridge which equals about $60 million dollars. No way will local property taxes go down. Property taxes will sky rocket as the infrastructures are put in place additional roads, water and sewer, electricity, fire and police protection and because a few arrogant, opulent people want to drive over a bridge to their properties on Gravina and Pennock Island at taxpayer expense.

In closing, I am just being realistic and letting the public know about how stupid this bridge concept is. From stupid minds comes stupid ideas. Dreams and hopes are leading the people to nightmares and despair. This god given right, inherit right, natural right opinion is shared by others that oppose the bridge project in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Don Hoff Jr.
Aan Kadax Tseen
E-mail: Unukriver(AT)
Hixson, TN - USA

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