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Bridge to Gravina
By Rob Glenn


June 15, 2005

Don there are people who support your feelings about the proposed bridge. Unfortunately there are also a lot who are against speaking out.

If it is true what Mrs. Scanlon said that the residents of Ketchikan voted for the bridge, then I suppose we should leave it be. Truth is they are raising prices to take the ferry across, however if the feeling is that the powers to be won't charge us to cross a bridge, all I can say is we will have to see.

Not only that, but will the bridge actually be built. I mean realistically? And when they do build the bridge which is obviously going to cost a lot more money then what is being stated right now, how much will the additional road cost? You know the road they will have to build to get us to the airport?

Will they charge the people who own land on Gravina more money or will those who live in Ketchikan just be taxed more?

Ketchikan is not a growing community, as a matter of fact people are leaving according to the last census taken. Will a bridge to an island in the middle of no where spur growth? Sure and there is always that chance of being struck by lightening as well. Thankfully they will have to keep the Marine Highway running because that is still going to be the real way in and out of Ketchikan.

How much additional money will it cost to maintain this bridge when and if it is built? Does Ketchikan have enough skilled workers in the "bridge building field" to employ its own residents?

Don, if the state of Alaska can get 1 million dollars to build a single street corner bus station in Anchorage, then hey why not get 300 million for a bridge. But when the funds run out, and the bridge is half built and they halt the project, can we call it art?

13,000 residents and a 380 million dollar bridge, that is 29,230 dollars a person for the bridge. I don't know, if the Feds want to hand over money, I am willing to take a nice check! Or maybe we can fund the First City Council on Cancer. Maybe we can make our drinking water safer? Oh maybe we can afford teachers, instead of threatening to lay off some. But a large metal structure in pristine Alaska to an empty island sounds great if you ask me and the others who are all for it!

Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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