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City Council, we need your help
by Bobbie McCreary


June 30, 2004

Susan is right on about ADFY. After the Borough's vote I made a comment to a grocery store helper at the checkout stand and she (about age 15) was astonished, "no funding for Youth Court? no funding for ADFY? Wow, what a bummer!"

We SHOULD BE ASKING OUR YOUTH what is valuable, what is needed in this community to help them grow up to be healthy, safe and positive contributors to our society. They know what is needed; most adults in this community have their heads in the sand, are in total denial about the widespread problems we have with addictions, all the way down to the early elementary grades. My kids are grown, and still I can find out what is going on, just by asking. I encourage you to do the same. Find out what is needed here and then DO SOMETHING TO SPEAK UP ABOUT WHAT IS NEEDED to stem this problem.

ADFY is a critical element in the education of our Youth. Ketchikan Youth Court is a sterling example of success in changing youth attitudes towards breaking the law; only 13% of those sentenced in Youth Court reappear in the system. These, and other youth programs NEED OUR SUPPORT. I honor the funding to the Arts (very important to our community); Visitors' Bureau brings in money; Seniors?(I guess so, although my guess is there are other sources they could tap into.) But to cut out the University funding, funding for prevention programs for youth, all youth programs in general, Borough Assembly, what are we trying to say to our youth, you just aren't important to us? City Council we need your help.

Bobbie McCreary
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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