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Open Letter To City Council RE: ADFY
by Susan Bachant


June 28, 2004

Dear Council People,

I am writing this letter to encourage you to support full funding of the grant for Alaskans for Drug Free Youth.

In the past I too failed to see the importance of ADFY. I certainly was aware of their presence, but was not certain that it really made a difference. That was until my young son came home and talked to me about drugs. I was surprised at how much he had learned from Marya Tyler & Joe Branco. I was also surprised at how many people he knew who had tried drugs. (He is only in the 5th grade). His take on the whole thing... that it's not cool to do drugs. This is something that I have told him for some time, but it was strongly reinforced by the team at ADFY.

I also have a teenage daughter who much enjoyed the Anti-drug Rave put on by ADFY. Her only complaint was that there were not more of them. She too has been informed of the dangers of drug use by the ADFY team. When I had told her that the grant had not been funded, she was very disappointed. She is an active member of the Ketchikan Youth Court and feels that ADFY is very important to keeping our youth drug free and out of trouble.

ADFY = Prevention. If we don't pay for their services now, don't pay to teach our kids that drug abuse will not lead to anything positive, then we will pay later. We will pay for drug treatment programs, we will pay for crimes committed in the attempt to obtain drugs, and we will pay for the needs of the many crack babies that will be born.

Please show the kids of this town that we care about them and that we stand strong against drug abuse. Fund ADFY and show your support of our kids.

Susan Bachant
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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