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Bridge to "nowhere"
by Timothy Droke


June 28, 2004

Isn't it funny that when the money for a capitol project isn't being spent in your area it's called "pork". The bridge was promised to the residents of Ketchikan when the airport was built, so wouldn't it be nice if the Fed's kept at least one promise?

The issue of graves is something that is covered by law and is nothing but an emotional argument that is understandable and a futile attempt to persuade people who may not have made up their mind.

I am living in the lower 48 at this time but will be moving back to Ketchikan real soon and I look forward to the opportunity the bridge will offer in economic development and low priced land for all residents. This is one Tlingit who stands with the "white people" on this project!

Timothy Droke
Mesa, AZ - USA


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