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Retort Re: So sue me
by Don Hoff Jr.


June 19, 2004

Ms. Conway, I know we agree on certain issues that effect Ketchikan and have a right to disagree on other issues. My "So Sue me" opinion really is about freedom of speech. The Borough Assembly is looking for legal action against any environmental groups or persons opposing a veneer mill from re-opening at Ward Cove, Alaska. How stupid is that? Our people are dying in Iraq right now to protect our right to free speech.

It may appear to you when your looking around the Tongass National Forest that there are plenty of trees for the taking. But in reality, the timber industries have cut down majority of spruce, red cedar, yellow cedar old growth that take over 300 to 500 years to grow that you can not see. Now they found a market for hemlock trees. I oppose even our own Sealaska Corporation for cutting down our trees. Why? Our shareholders don't receive their fair share of wealth or benefits of millions of dollars they receive from timber sales. Sealaska Corporation would be better serve it shareholders by protecting our timber for future generations of our people. Conservation that will cultivate our tribes for the future.

My statement about what would be left in Ketchikan? There will be a small Indian village. You are seeing what happens when the boom of the good life is gone. Timber, fishing, mining of all the minerals are gone. People that were exploiting our natural resources move on to exploit somewhere else. What is left and will live in Ketchikan will be true Alaskans, white or brown. Tourism is a blessing. Visitors want to see the native culture, history, totem poles, wild life and beautiful scenery around Ketchikan. Be thankful you have that
to fall back on.

My people have been in or around Ketchikan since time and memorial. My family has been working in the fishing and timber industry also. But we have other jobs now. You have to ask yourself these questions. Will I benefit from a veneer mill in a polluted Ward Cove? How? Why hasn't Sealaska Corporation or any other Village Corporations invest or buy this veneer mill? Please feel free to email me. This is my own opinion protected by Constitution that I was brain-washed to believe in.

Don Hoff Jr.
Aan Kadax Tseen
Gaanax adi Clan
Yei l hit
Taan ta Kwaan
Hixson, TN - USA



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