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RE: Organ Donors
by Jan Cadero


June 15, 2004

I became aware of organ donation when my daughter's teenage friend had some serious heart problem, which would not allow her to play sports, be active in a lot of fun things that teenage kids often do. She was in need of a new heart. When she was 24 years old she received a heart from an accident victim. June 12th of this year was her 5th year with her new heart. Her friends and family all joined together to celebrate this incredible girl. She is very active, has gone on to be a positive role model. In fact, she was my inspiration when my oldest sister became ill and needed a kidney transplant. I was so inspired by my daughter's friend and her courage to fight on and become a happy, healthy woman, that I could not imagine not even considering becoming a donor for my sister. The process was a piece of cake. It has been three years now and my sister is doing very well. I would encourage everyone to become an organ donor. Who knows, you may have to be on the receiving end of a transplant someday.

Jan Cadero
Port Hadlock, WA - USA


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