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RE: Organ Donors & What A Week!
by Lorraine Boucher


June 13, 2004

Regarding organ donations, some religions teach that it takes 3 days for the "soul" to completely leave the body at death and therefore recommend that the body not be disturbed during that time. I also think that we in the West are very "attached" to the body, almost as if that is the only reality and all important, not really giving much weight to the soul. I don't think it is fair to use judgments like "generous" to describe people who are willing to donate organs, and "not generous" to describe people who do not. No one is "entitled" to life.

Just a brief comment about having Friday off. I agree that former President Reagan would probably not want people to have that day off because he is a truly humble man. However, I think it is appropriate to have it off in his honor and I, for one, have no problem paying my tax dollars in his honor.


Lorraine Boucher
Augusta, Maine - USA


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