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RE: An alternative tax
by M.L. Dahl


June 14, 2004

I really like Patrick Jerschele's suggestion for a vehicle tax or annual fee of $200 on all cars, excluding none. He makes an excellent case for his logic that it is fair to make single drivers (myself included) contribute to the cost of mass transit. It is also a good idea if it gets some of the unsafe junkers off of the road. In fact, each point Patrick made is reason enough for a good bus system. I also agree with Hunter Davis that the borough bus run should be from one end of the borough to the and from both ends of the road. Not doing so is not only a joke, but also displays a shortsighted attitude about public transit in general.

I have been a borough bus champion for a long time. My husband and I spoke before the borough assembly several years ago, to petition for the bus in the first place. Our main point was that a good bus system is critically important to have in any town/city where you are trying to stimulate economic health. We also made the point that infrastructure, such as mass transit, should be one of the core services in any basket of municipal services provided by tax dollars. Great communities all have good public transportation systems. It makes a community attractive, keeps private vehicle traffic to a minimum, reduces the noise and emissions pollution, frees up parking places, reduces wear and tear on the roads and creates an incentive to use the bus instead of driving. Ketchikan Gateway Borough needs to keep Patrick's points, Hunter's points and my own points in mind continuously.

Having only half of a borough bus system as we do now, or cutting the system back in the future, is short term thinking, bad planning and bad economic policy. Raise the vehicle tax as suggested and fund this system fully. In addition, raise the sales tax on jewelry to the full purchase amount and fund other important community needs as well.

Finally, Hunter made the best point of all in his conclusion and I want to reiterate and emphasize it here. A democratic system needs your input. I don't care if you agree with me or not, but I do care if you do say and do nothing because you don't care anymore. People who don't bother to vote, never offer any input and never voice an opinion forfeit the right to complain. Sitnews allows all of us to offer our opinions, to which I say a big THANKS!

M.L. Dahl
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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