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RE: An alternative tax
by Hunter Davis


June 13, 2004

Pat, thanks again for a reasonable solution. Having come to Alaska from Washington State (Taxachussett West), and having lived in Missouri for awhile (sales taxed a four year old car because it was purchased outside of the US), a $200 a year car tax is really no big deal for 35 miles of road if, big if, the Borough bus actually runs in the Borough and not just the city. I have not been here all that long, but that fact has been a constant source of amusement to me.

Another possible tax, in a similar way of thinking, is an increase in local taxes on gasoline. Just gasoline. If we want funding for a bus line, let the single drivers (I, among them), who voluntarily drive into town in cars that never reach efficient operating temperature, pay more taxes. Then we will see how important a working Borough-wide bus system can be. Europe has been paying in dollar multiples for years and has some truly excellent public transit, subsidized by single drivers.

Lord help the individual who does not drive anymore, for whatever reason, and lives out at either end of the road.

While we are at it, why not an annual vehicle inspection for, say $9.00. Get a handle on the smoking engines, burnt out lights, rusted bodies, no mirrors, etc? Nine dollars times 12,000 is $108,000 dollars a year, minus $5.00 for the inspecting station, $48,000 a year. That covers a grant or two and keeps the roads a bit safer.

Keep the ideas coming, public discourse only works with stated ideas, not mumbles as we read the paper.

Hunter Davis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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