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Addendum RE: Poo Journal Wanted!

By Douglas J. Thompson


May 20, 2016
Friday AM

It was so obvious that in my addressing Marie Zellerman's letter I skipped it but in retrospect I think the issue should be highlighted. That is the "charge" by the harbormaster that her boat didn't qualify because it "did not have the original helm station as designed by the original architect" or words to that effect. I was told almost the same thing in that my engine had to be the original engine as designed by the original architect.

That is so stupid as to be ludicrous. It is an obvious attempt to manufacture a 'reason' for an eviction they want to do but have no justification for. No one of any expertise or experience around boating would have ever even attempted to make such a rule. The inescapable conclusion is that whoever issued those statements are severely ignorant. They would have to have zero knowledge of boats and their manufacture as well as there use to say such an inapplicable statement. It also flies in the face of any logical intelligence of a general kind. Is this the kind of talent we pay each one seventy to a hundred forty thousand a year for?

I give them that they are operating with nefarious goals that can not be enunciated but if this is the best "cover story" they could come up with they are severely lacking in mental capabilities. Obviously they don't have the common sense required for the position they are paid for. Morality is a word they would be unfamiliar with for sure.

When you stop and examine that statement it just defies belief. They have eliminated ninety per cent of the boats in the harbor older than ten years. All the repowers are gone. How many boats have their original engine? All boats that have been rebuilt. Gone. All boats built without an architect. Gone. All boats built where the architect specified a horsepower range but not a particular engine. Gone. All boats with an added top house (many older seiners fall into this category). Gone. All the original Alaska State Ferries have been repowered with different engines from the original architects specs. Gone.

What is left is about maybe ten percent of the boats in the harbor.

So this is obviously ignorant and willfully stupid as an excuse to impose an eviction on undeserving owners. It also leaves the question why isn't it enforced on all the boats that fall into their fabricated category? The harbors would be empty and the revenue flow to Ketchikan would be almost totally curtailed.

There are barges (they are vessels too) in the harbor that have no power or helm station whatsoever are they evicted too? Since the Port of Ketchikan includes the entire Tongass Narrows and some adjacent waterways that would be Sampson, AML, and many other commercial enterprises could not bring their barges into Ketchikan to moor them for any length of time! By the way the dry docks at the shipyard fall into that category also, no helm station, no power plant. Is the harbor department going to throw them out too?

Even the Ayatollah and the suck up seven aren't that stupid. So we now have an ordinance being discriminatorily enforced on a preselected few. Have any of these morons even heard of the Constitution of this country??? Quite fitting with Memorial Day coming up! A freedom you have no access to is not a freedom so rule of law has been changed here to rule of the individual. Spits in the face of the true veterans who gave their lives to prevent such a form of government. Rule of Law is the holy writ that prevents tyranny and dictators. But under the Ayatollah and his henchmen only the rich have access to the legal system in Ketchikan.

Now I was given several equally stupid reasons before they settled on the "architect" one. Most were so stupid that they, as ignorant as they are even changed the tune mid song knowing they would look even more the imbecile should they go with it. To loosely paraphrase P.T. Barnum, " No Ketchikan Harbormaster has ever been fired for being too stupid or too lazy!"

There is no one in this local government elected or employee who has required a justifiable reason for these evictions. No one has even tried. At this point it would be enlightening to hear just a logical reason much less a legal one.

There of course is no end to this type of harassment once it is allowed. Whatever whim suits them at any time can be undertaken under this "ordinance". Even the Sycophantic Seven should be thoroughly ashamed of leaving this on the books as well as supporting its implementation. But since they have no pride they equally have no shame. Being a suck up does have its tribulations!

I don't know Ms. Zellerman but in my case no rent was ever overdue in forty seven years in the harbor and my boat was by their own admission well maintained. I would have to assume hers was the same. No real justifiable reason has ever been given for these actions. They represent whims of employees who don't have enough legitimate business to justify their existence.

The bottom line is people are being evicted under this broad (too broad to be legal) ordinance for no logical reason. The private agendas are not visible. These are "pool boys" they are not trained law enforcement of any kind. They have no expertise or training in the fair enforcement of ordinances and should not be doing so which is very evident in the manner they discriminatorily doing so. Where is the city attorney who should be advising against such illegal activities or at least requiring specific legal justification? It really proves the point of why the harbormasters were intentionally never given enforcement powers. Now that they have this ordinance from the Ayatollah they are totally distorting its original intent. Good example of why they need to do maintenance and stop trying to dictate the harbors activities.

I guess it further shows that the harbormasters do need to contract out anything they want done properly in this case even their BS is of poor quality!


Douglas J. Thompson
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received May 17, 2016 - Published May 20, 2016


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