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RE:Poo Journal Wanted!

By Douglas J. Thompson


May 20, 2016
Friday AM

Dear Editor,

In regard to Marie Zellmer's letter in Tuesday's Sitnews: Sad to say but it is very predictable what will happen on Thursday at the Council Meeting. No matter if she has nine or nine hundred people there. She will be given her sixty seconds to voice her concern and then be gavelled down. While she is speaking the Ayatollah Amylon (sitting on the elected dais although he is an employee and not elected) will be shuffling papers and whispering back and forth with his acolytes in total disrespect. Then the useless harbormaster (inflated to Port Directer) will stand up and mumble something about it is needed and necessary without any rational justification. The sycophantic seven agree and nothing is changed.

It gets right down to the crux of the matter. The elected officials and the bureaucrats they represent (silly you thought they were representative of the citizens!) view the taxpayer as the enemy. There don't give a rat's behind what is right or just. They own the law and have unlimited resources to stymie any attempt at obtaining justice while most of us don't have unlimited legal budgets to fight them.

The harbormaster and his den of useless drones have little to do other than rebuild (Excuse me. I hope I didn't give the impression they were actually doing something. No they contract it out as everything they do where they might get dirty.) Thomas Basin every year and contract out expensive wood decking so they are always dreaming of their Coast Guard days when they had unlimited authority to inflict their every whim on the public regardless of Constitution or any other constraints. Since there are ten or more of them and at least as many vehicles there is a lot of waste time for them to dream up ever more invasive 'rules'. They are not guided by legal niceties, moral right or wrong, nor justice and logic. Most especially they are not managed by any competent authority as the Ayatollah Amylon lets them run wild and continues to add more of them.

They haven't got the common sense to understand that because San Diego with little tidal flushing, several hundred thousand boats in enclosed harbors and warm waters is an entirely different situation than Ketchikan. More than that they don't care. It is not the water quality that drives them it is the aggrandizement of needless power. These are frustrated individuals with little talent and imbalanced egos. For many many years they have wanted policing powers but we had reasonable people in management that kept them in check. That is no longer the case with the Ayatollah and his seven suck ups.

The Ayatollah would tell you to go buy a brand new compliant million dollar yacht like he did with your money. You can bet the jihadist harbor boys don't board his boat uninvited or do any of the things they do to others they find defenseless.

It is the Coast Guard's business to enforce many of the 'rules' which are real (their own made up ones aside) not the harbormaster's. They are doing on our tax dollar business which they are neither trained for nor is justifiable. Another parallel agency is certainly not needed to do federal work that we pay for. When they "inspect" boats, "test" operators etc they are stepping beyond the bounds of what is reasonably their authority and entering into state and federal prerogatives. Then they use these illegitimate pursuits to 'justify' hiring even more harbormasters. This costs us millions every year.

All this is funded with the built in automatic rate increases and tax revenues authorized by the Ayatollah and the sycophantic seven.

The ordinance under which this is accomplished requires it to be imposed by "the Harbormaster" not by any other authority. Since Corporan as I have previously stated wanted his $140,000.00 per year he was given a trumped up title by the Ayatollah so he is not the Harbormaster and all the other acolytes are assistant harbormasters none of them have the authority to use this ordinance. But since legalities mean nothing to these schoolyard bullies they are imposing it despite that fact. Each one of these "pool boys" draws a minimum of seventy thousand out of the city coffers. Times ten and maybe more!!! Buying and running the ten or fifteen vehicles costs another several hundred thousand a year. The three boats used for their sunny weather boating up and down the channel (has anyone ever seen them tow any drift out of any harbor???) add several hundred thousand more to the cost.

What we needed was a couple of people to do maintenance on the harbors, keep them clean, remove the snow, watch for loose mooring lines and sinking vessels, repair water lines and other necessary WORK. Not what we have which is a multi million dollar bureaucracy sitting in a multi million dollar mansion doing next to nothing. This is a prime example of the Ayatollah's incompetent management.

The harbor staff needs to be reduced to two or three individuals, Their Tahj Mahal on the water needs to be rented or sold. KPU could move their mall offices there for a start and save us another hundred thousand a year in rent. Then the remaining harbormasters need to be issued a time clock to punch on each harbor float and keep a log of the projects they have accomplished during the working day.

The whole department can be abolished and the new streamlined one started from scratch so we can get rid of this expensive deadwood the taxpayers are carrying on their backs and the rate payers are being bilked out of their fees.

The wholesale house cleaning is beyond the suck up seven as they can only seem to rubber stamp ever more expensive 'contracts' that the Ayatollah presents them with (his own being a large one exceeding by a large margin $250,000.00 at this point). So law by the people (initiative) seems to be the viable alternative. First a California like drastic limit on property tax. Once they haven't money to spend a lot will fall into place. Then recall petitions to get rid of the Sycophantic Seven would be a great help. If that doesn't get the message across another initiative to fire Ayatollah Amylon with no pay for dereliction of responsibility would solve an ongoing costly problem. I repeat, his own tactics can be used against him. Stone wall him and have the attorney delay and delay to where he will be dead before he ever sees any money.

It is a guaranteed outcome that this Thursday night the council will back the Ayatollah who will back his henchman Corporan and his cronies as they always do. With no leadership qualities, little intelligence and totally lacking intestinal fortitude as well as shear laziness there is little else they are fit for.

As far as Fawn Mountain track access it too is an outgrowth of the taxpayer as enemy. Same problem different players. Some 'leaders' and petty officials (that term is used loosely) just can't stand to see taxpayers using something for nothing even if it is costing them nothing. Same mind set that royalty in Europe had with their serfs: exploit them, never help them. They are there to tax and to tax again. You can rest assured if and when the track is opened up again there will be a requisite fee for its use.

We need a new council and a performance audit by a completely independent body to set a proper level of efficiency for a village of 7000 people. Then a major house cleaning to get the spending under control and the invasive meddling in private affairs stopped.

I think it is probably time for a good discussion by the regular taxpayers here on whether an elected mayor/manager (as in Anchorage) would be an improvement. Seems appropriate as the Ayatollah wants to sit in an elected chair while he gathers power to make the whole body superfluous. He needs to be elected to be sitting there. As he is not he needs to sit in the audience where the manager/employee always sat before. It needs to be made clear to him as it is not that he is an easily replaceable employee of this town, not the owner and supreme ruler!

[To the Ayatollah and his thugs: You can see that evicting me from the harbor on trumped up charges that were never substantiated or justified will not 'shut me up' so that you can go on milking this town.]

I will happily sign any such initiatives or petitions and look forward to discussions on how to get this local government under control.

I would encourage people to read the local budget and KPU budget as well as the Borough budget. I would recommend it on an empty stomach as the waste is sickening.


Douglas J. Thompson
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received May 17, 2016 - Published May 20, 2016


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