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Non -voters are the problem
By Edward Brown


May 27, 2008
Tuesday PM

A government of "We the People" will not function well if our "lazy electorate" remains at home. These non-voters ignore their responsibility to govern. These non -voting chumps stand by as our governing bodies run things like they do not need our permission or our vote. Therefore non-voters are the real problem.

I borrowed part of my title from a former resident who thinks the voters are the problem. I vote and believe how I vote is my business. My vote is not the problem. And voting for change does not always solve the problems in those governing bodies. Patriots vote in patriots. Non- voters give up that right.

A high percentage turnout no matter what the vote is has a tendency to make these so called incumbents at least pay attention to our votes more closely. A low percentage vote is no threat to our so called incumbents.

Even though I vote often. My vote loses all its leverage when others stay at home. Whether I vote in the majority or minority my vote does not count for much when incumbents know they only have to satisfy a small minority of super-voters.

By not voting we wind up with elites running all parties. They answer only to themselves. Our forefathers want people of character and integrity both in these governing bodies and especially in the voting electorate. Politicians will answer to majorities who actually vote in mass numbers.

By not voting we might as well allow a dictator to run our lives. Are we to be like sheep?
Or will we actually govern by getting out to vote?

Edward Brown
Anchorage, AK

About: "I vote in all elections."

Received May 26, 2008 - Published May 27, 2008


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