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Voters are the real problem
By Mike Isaac


May 25, 2008

Many voters are too simple to vote for change regardless of their education level. They whine and cry about all the money they spend on gas, food, utilities, property, income and sales taxes but turn around and vote or support someone who will raise their taxes, stand in the way of any domestic energy development which will cause food and all other prices to go up. Even though these issue are real and affect many people on a daily basis,the same voters turn around and vote for someone who is pro life, for gay marriage, builds a new school in their town but have no kids, or buys the whole global warming spin as they look for their snow shovel on this first big weekend of summer to dig out their Prius.

That is why gas is $4.30 a gallon, food cost a lot more and the dollar is worth less. It's the voter, not the oil CEO, not the farmer, or the stock broker, or home loan lender but the voter. The voter that votes for someone based on their feelings not on what they would like to see get done is what has gotten us where we are and nothing will ever change unless people start doing some research before they vote.

For some reason I think we will have the same problems 10 years from now but at least I will be living off the grid and sky high energy cost won't be my problem anymore.

Mike Isaac
Arrowbear Lake, CA

About: Former Ketchikan resident.

Received May 23, 2008 - Published May 25, 2008


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