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Honor the troops and bring them home
By Charlotte Tanner


May 28, 2007
Monday PM

Don Young, asked us to donate our "miles" so that our troops and their families can get home? I hope I am misunderstanding our Congressman. When our President's corporate buddies in Iraq conduct pracctices that included price-gouging, burning HumVees when all they need is a tire changed, not completing projects, giving dirty drinking water to U.S. troops in the field, charging the government for gas shipments that were never made, putting troops' lives at risk guarding empty trucks on dangerous convoys in order to make a buck and a dozen other offenses so unbelievable that I won't even mention them?

Rep. Young has some nerve. He voted for giving more money to this President's war, surely that money included the price of airline tickets? Or was it solely for the empire he is constructing in the so-called "Green Zone"?

Why didn't Young, Stevens, and Murkowski, honor the troops and bring them home?

Charlotte Tanner
Louisville, KY

Received May 28, 2007 - Published May 28, 2007

About: "Resident of Alaska since 1968, currently serving in Americorps, Louisville, Ky"


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