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Citizens for Ketchikan's Future - Right on!
By Bobbie McCreary


May 22, 2007


Thank you to the members of the CKF initiative! First, for speaking out and letting us know WHO is speaking. And then, most importantly for thinking to the future of our community. Yes, tourism is here to stay (we hope) and to keep our visitors happy we need to provide them with a unique glimpse into Alaska and its rich heritage.

Yesterday I watched a terribly long line of cruise ship passengers winding its way on the new promenade to be tendered back to the ship at anchor. My estimate is it must have taken at least an hour for these people just to get to the float. Yes, we are working on a solution for the construction in front of my bay windows so attests.

The point is, however, I want the people in that line to be talking about the really cool city they visited and how interesting it was to meet locals and learn more about the history of our town and THANK GOODNESS they got their act together and cut down on the jewelery stores so there is something more to do than buy stuff!

I greet every visitor I meet on the street with a friendly "hello." I like to have them here. As a result I get to talk to them. One couple this week asked if there was anything on the other side of the tunnel, and I explained what was happening with the construction and the boardwalk streets they could walk. I also said "and there are no jewelery stores there." They responded "thank goodness" and continued through the tunnel to see what they could see.

You know where I come from...Newtown has a chance to make a positive impact on our visitors...with a historical perspective to offer. Of course there is a lot of work to do there...and how valuable it will be if that work is done consistent to a theme that will attract tourists!

THANK YOU Tom Ferry for your work on the Beck Building (front and back) to make your improvements consistent with a historic theme...what a difference that makes when compared to others! Other property owners can follow your lead to look to the future of our town and how we want to be remembered by our visitors. I challenge all of us to care as much about our community as our personal interests. (It takes longer term thinking to get the results and in the long run, we will only benefit!)

In the meantime, as Ketchikan Youth Initiatives, I'm working with others to help our youth and young adults become "job ready" and I encourage you all to create jobs to keep our youth in town and give them an adequate wage to live on and support their families.

Enjoy the nice weather (and the nice tourists)

Bobbie McCreary
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 19, 2007 - Published May 22, 2007

About: "An advocate for displaying Ketchikan at its best to our visitors, resident of the Newtown area"



Citizens' group asks, "What fate do we choose for our community?" - Citizens for Ketchikan's Future (CKF), a newly formed citizens' group, has submitted a voters' initiative to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Clerk's office to limit the density of stores exclusively selling jewelry within the City of Ketchikan. Upon approval by the Borough Clerk, the group will collect the required signatures of the 533 registered voters necessary to have the item placed on the regular October ballot. - More...
Friday - May 18, 2007



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