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Ask Yourself - I Did
By Carl Webb


May 13, 2007

In response to Susan Walsh's letter and her questions:

  • She should know. She voted to support the transfer of the Administrator to Activities Director.
  • It seems to me if that current Board had had a better plan, it could have certainly overruled and implemented its own.
  • The closing of White Cliff in my mind could not be money spent badly when a Fire Marshal is concerned about a couple of safety issues that could affect our very own children.
  • To the last question, we will have to form our own opinions. I think the message worked to some degree.

I venture to say all of the BIG decisions made by the past Superintendent were backed and supported by the votes of elected board members, even Susan Walsh.

Carl C. Webb
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 13, 2007 - Published May 13, 2007

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