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Ask yourself some questions
By Susan Walsh


May 07, 2007
Monday PM

The school board entered into a contract with Mr. Martin, which contained a specific "convenience" clause. Employers have this clause in contracts for several reasons one of which is to spare the employee public embarrassment and to increase the likelihood of future employment for that individual. I can assure you there is nothing convenient about terminating someone's employment.

There are certain sectors of our community that are now clamoring for the recall of those individuals that made that decision. They have launched a whisper campaign with ludicrous insinuations. They are concerned that this was a hasty decision and not financially responsible. So please ask yourself:

  • How much did it cost to hire an administrator as activities director replacing staff at double the salary, and why was this necessary in the first place?
  • How much did the Schoenbar debacle cost the taxpayers? The building is one issue. I take exception to the displacement of students shuffled yearly with no sound plan presented - a shoot from the hip approach . With misinformation given to the board as to the true cost of housing.
  • How much did the immediate and untimely closing of White Cliff School, with the subsequent dispersal of children cost the district both monetarily and emotionally?
  • How much did it cost the district in legal fees to defend Mr. Martin's allegations against an administrator who was cleared of all wrongdoing?

There are many more instances but the above mentioned demonstrate a definite lack of accountability. I can only surmise that the new board members encountered the same frustration that I did in getting accurate and timely information in order to make sound decisions.

I'd ask anyone in doubt to view the school board meeting of March 28th and ask yourself... Could I continue to work with someone who obviously has so little respect for me that he launched into a public tirade belittling me? It was very clear that Mr. Martin was incapable of continuing to work with all seven members who employee him.

One thought occurred to me when viewing this tape - could it be that he wanted to be fired and used this last meeting as a verbal message to the board similar to one member's recent visual display?

Susan Walsh
Ketchikan, AK

Received May 06, 2007 - Published May 07, 2007

About: Susan Walsh served on the Ketchikan school board for 7years.




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