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What to do with our unresponsive elected officials is the question!
By Byron "Chilly" Whitesides


May 30, 2006

I have been enjoying reading the viewpoint letters regarding illegal aliens, Minutemen, and illegal immigration problems.

Mike Harpold offers an insider view, because of his long service with the Border Patrol. His letter of May 28th offers some of those insights.

I would like to tell you what we should not be doing about this illegal alien problem, and that is continually ringing the dinner bell to invite more to get here ASAP to cash in on the amnesty!

While our elected leaders that support the Senate bill, can't seem to bring themselves to call this amnesty, the head of the labor union that represents the U.S. Border Patrol called it, "Amnesty on Steroids"! After describing what he considers decades of failed policies, Bonner said the solution isn't more Border Patrol agents, National Guard troops, technology or walls on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The answer, he said, is to "turn off the employer magnet" (and) focus on the reason people are crossing borders.

The Senate's solution to this illegal immigration problem is a disaster, as it rewards illegal behavior and gives amnesty to not only the illegal alien, but to the employers responsible for creating the problem! If this plan is implemented we can expect the problem to increase ten fold, and fraud to run rampant like the last amnesties!
My concern is our Senators, Stevens and Murkowski, who supported this bill wholeheartedly! Exactly what is going on in their heads?

I ask you, what good are elected leaders who won't support the law, and who hold the citizens hostage by refusing to support the law, in order to further their agenda which is opposite to the wishes of the majority?

A majority of Americans support the House of Representatives plan to secure the border and then enforce our laws against the employment of illegal workers. That is a good place to start as it has a mandate of the majority. The Guest Worker program, Amnesty or "Banana" as McCain wants to call it, and other ideas do not have a mandate and need to be debated more, studied as to what the costs are, and what the other liabilities will be. THEN, the American public needs to be truthfully informed on both sides of the issue and then make their wishes known. We don't need a hasty sellout of the American worker by our Senate!

I wonder just who Senators Stevens and Murkowski are really representing, with their position on this issue. It certainly doesn't seem to be the American public, or worker, so I can only conclude that they are representing the companies who are employing and profiteering from these illegal workers. They are placing the demands of these corporations above those of the worker, voter, and the best interest of America. This is intolerable, and I think they are very lucky they don't' have to face the voters this fall or they would be "looking for work" after the election.

Neil, I am so tired of hearing that these illegals only do the jobs the "fat, lazy, spoiled" Americans won't do! I know that the American worker will do ANY job that pays a decent wage. After all, what happened to all the workers that were granted the earlier amnesties to do these jobs? They found better employment! The arguments for allowing these illegal workers to come here and make substandard wages, with extremely poor working conditions, are many of the same ones that were used to support slavery! If these companies need slaves, they can get the hell out of the USA as far as I am concerned! Do their business somewhere else!

The true cost of using these workers is hidden, and the American taxpayer is the one paying it. Along with the gang, and drug problem, high crime, urban sprawl, overstrained educational, medical, and in fact all our public systems are overloaded, and will collapse if the Senate bill is implemented.

Please, just let me pay more for vegetables, meat and poultry, and the other products we are supposedly saving all this money on, and make them employ Americans who pay taxes and won't need to be on welfare with a decent job! After all, we already have enough uneducated, unskilled, poor on welfare and public assistance in this country.

Reform and improve the process of legal immigration, so we can select the immigrants we want and screen out the criminals, terrorists, and un-desirables. No rewards for illegal behavior.

When it comes time to vote, remember what our Senators did, and please don't reward their bad behavior with your vote.

Byron "Chilly" Whitesides
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Byron "Chilly" Whitesides writes, "I am a lifelong resident of Ketchikan, retired from KPU Electric Division, and working occasionally in the family business here."




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