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Guard Won't Solve Illegal Immigration Problem
By Neil Gray


May 19 2006

My friend Byron Whitesides made some good points. Regardless of what President Bush thinks, 6000 National Guard troops will not stop the flow of illegal immigrants from crossing the border into the United State. Tunnels from Mexico into the U.S. are discovered weekly in San Diego and Imperial Counties, into Arizona, etc. They cover them, destroy them, but they keep popping up.

Right now there are at least two vigilanty groups roaming the borders taking matters into their own hands. That's a scary thought in itselft. The Border Patrol can't do it alone either.

Smugglers pack Mexican illegals into vans and pickups and try to outrace the Border Patrol and highway patrol, and that usually ends in chases going the wrong way on the I-8 endangering innocent people. Just this week another smuggling attempt killed two people when the truck carrying several people crashed.

There are a lot of immigrants trying to do the right thing and obtain citizenship. More power to them. One thing for sure, the illegals do work here that spoiled Americans wouldn't touch. Can you blame employers, especially in the agriculteral field, for hiring those who want to work? It's a situation that will not be solved by 6000 National Guard troops.

California legislature has tried to pass bills that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain a California Driver's license, and give them FREE college tuition so they could get an education. Luckily those bills died a fast death.

This situation is real interesting. You can't get the full scope until you live in the middle of it like we do in San Diego County.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA

About: Neil Gray writes he is a 'former 20 year resident of Ketchikan. Still my favorite town. Now residing in San Diego."


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