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Wrong about the "vigilante" groups
By Erni Grace


May 20 2006

Neil Gray is wrong about the "vigilante" groups he is talking about. If he is referring to the Minutemen then he is wrong about them. I'm grateful that the Minutemen are at least doing this for the American citizenry since our government won't. Liberals, leftists, and democrats, and our own President try and paint a bad picture of them calling them vigilantes. All prior Administrations, both Republican and Democrat, including this one have shut their eyes to the illegal migration but have chosen to support their donors and those who counted on legal AND illegal votes to get into office. The silent majority has spoken and they don't have to march the streets for this. The only reason Washington is trembling on its feet is because the silent majority has put them on alert. They either do the job they were elected to do or else find another job come elections... any of them.

The masses of illegals protesting on the streets demanding rights they don't have here scares me because all I can see on the streets is a big sign with WELFARE on it. If the illegals are rewarded with amnesty most will quickly qualify for welfare, housing, food stamps, free lunches and free medical. Why? Because the majority of them are the poorest of the poor of their country of origin, are illiterate, unskilled and uneducated and will, for most of their lives, make minimum or low wages and after sending their money to their country of origin to support their large families, many of them will be lining up for welfare along with the relatives they are allowed to bring in with them. I'm looking at what's been lurking in the background behind the large picture of illegal migration.

I don't begrudge any one wanting a better life. But there are those who want to become Americans and are willing to wait years for their papers. Illegals knew before they crossed the borders what the consequences would be and have no one but themselves to blame. I say stop the bleeding now until it heals and then allow a certain number to come in the legal way. I teach my children to obey laws, don't cut in front of people standing in line and most of all obey the laws of this country.

Erni Grace
Moreno Valley, CA - USA

About: Erni Grace writes, "I am part Latina having grown up along the Texas border."

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