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RE: I'm an Alaskan Ad Campaign
By Ralph Mirsky


May 06, 2006

Well said Peter, however we might add a picture of one or more of our many residents that currently is dealing with cancer and the debilitating effects of the disease, the chemo therapy treatments and the costs and agony associated with it all.

The state legislature is currently debating on how and what to spend the windfall oil profits on. Millions and Millions of dollars that we have received from the high oil prices paid per barrel for our oil. Millions for bridges and roads, ice hockey zambonies or whatever the hell their called and you name it, their trying to fund it.

Here in Ketchikan we campaign for and vote to float bonds for port expansion, lobby for a bridge but nowhere in this budgeting funding craze is their mention of a real fix for the serious health problem that exists here in Ketchikan, what s wrong with this picture? Is this one of those "Health as long as it doesn't affect me, doesn't matter, out of sight and out of mind?" scenarios??

Tourism is our economic savior, don't blow it folks, halo acidic acid does cause cancer and those of you that knowingly drink the water and the tourists that unknowingly drink the water are at risk. Don't buy the rhetoric that KPU is putting out; that the water is safe to drink because only long term exposure might cause cancer. KPU started testing for Halo acidic acid only two years ago. But the real truth is; there have been no studies regarding short term use and what effect halo acidic acid has on humans and the problem has most likely been there for many years, something that KPU doesn't admit to.

How many years have you been drinking the water?

Out of sight, out of mind won't fix the problem only money will. A band aid approach of adding ammonia only brings up other medical issues to deal with. A filtration plant is the only real fix. The money is out their let's go after it, get it and fix the problem.

Ralph Mirsky
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Ketchikan Borough resident for the past eight years, small busin ess owner and cancer in remission survivor.

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