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I'm an Alaskan Ad Campaign
By Peter Bolling


May 04, 2006

I have a proposal for an ad campaign. What about a series of large photographs of Alaskans that could be placed in all of the major daily newspapers in this state? The first one might read, "I'm an Alaskan" and feature an elder on a fixed income who can no longer pay for their winter fuel supply.

The next one would also read, "I'm an Alaskan" and feature a pregnant woman who lacks access to prenatal care. The third "I'm an Alaskan" ad might be a person who suffers from a treatable mental illness but who can no longer afford the medication that would assist in their recovery. The fourth "I'm an Alaskan" ad might be a state trooper who, working hours and hours of overtime, attempts to cover an unmanageable area of the state in order to serve and protect. The fifth could be an Alaskan student whose education continues to be marginalized by lack of state funding.

You get the point. All of these could be placed next to the BP "Don t Tax Our Profits" ads.


Peter Bolling
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: A 47 year resident of the 49th state.



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