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Ketchikan's kindess and generosity
By Carrie Allen


May 05, 2006

During my stay in Kanayama, Japan this year, SitNews has been a news source for local and state news. When I read about the plane crash within Ketchikan's city limits, my immediate thought was, "Was anyone hurt?"

As I continued reading about the crash and Butch's sacrifice, via headlines and letters sent to SitNews, I was struck by the kindness, generosity, and concern for the pilot and his family. Sadly, it took a tragedy to remind me just how special Ketchikan and its people are to me. I am very proud to be a part of a community that rallied to support a stranger's family in their time of need. It is not the first time Ketchikan has come through to help out others.

Today, May 5th, I read the letter from Butch's wife and I had to write. Maybe it is that I am far from my home and I am just extra senstive to issues like these, I hope not. I hope, that if a time should ever arise, I will remember the example that was set by this community and be able to show the same kindess and generosity as Ketchikan did for that family, and continues to do for so many others.


Carrie Allen
Kanayama, Japan

About: I have lived in Ketchikan for many years and am an elementary school teacher.


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