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By Jacquie Meck


May 21, 2005

Referencing Jackie William's "Bridge to the AIRPORT": I'm just a "youngster" compared to some (who have been in Ketchikan much longer than my 26+ years), but I have been waiting a long time for that bridge.

Has anyone paid attention to what happened when Juneau built a bridge to Douglas Island? There used to be nothing but a few homesteads there, and now there are lots of homes, businesses, and industry. So many they NOW want a SECOND BRIDGE .... and will probably get it before we get ours at the rate we are going!

We lack room for expansion on this side of the Narrows, and there is more potential (flatter) land on Gravina. We are seeking more industry to help our economy - but where are we going to put them if we find them?

Gosh, am I going to have to make arrangements for my family to ROLL me across in a wheel chair - when I'm old and infirm?

Jacquie Meck
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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