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Bridge to the AIRPORT
By Jackie Williams


May 18, 2005

Dear Sitnews,

I'm so tired of hearing about the "Bridge to Nowhere," it will be the "Bridge to Gravina and the Airport"! The current use of ferries to get to the Airport is inadequate and a real inconvenience. Please don't tell me it's better than what was before, I've heard it. Let's move ahead and not spend time looking backwards. I will gladly pay a toll to drive to the Airport, could it possibly cost as much as it does now; to drive over $12 just for the car round trip plus $4 per person and the driver is not included, to "walk" over is $4 per person, if you return the same day no further charge but for an individual to "walk" over, fly away and "walk" back on their return $8, the local airport transport co. is $10 total one way but that price is to/from the Airport Ferry Dock only.

What about those people who own property on Gravina, maybe they will develop and create more local jobs. I would love to see all the aviation companies located on Gravina, then I would not be awakened at the crack of dawn by 10 float planes all taking off with summer tourists.

I know that all the people can't be pleased all the time, but I will be a happy traveler when I can drive to the Airport, just like I'm a happy driver/walker when I take the 3rd Ave. Bypass.


Jackie Williams
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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