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By Pete Ellis


May 20, 2005

So nice to see the Jackie Williams' letter and her more than positive viewpoint on what should be Ketchikan's present primary goal in terms of two bridges and a Gravina road system. The future of the Ketchikan area is directly dependent upon what happens in terms of facilitating access.

I would agree that, if necessary, a toll is appropriate in terms of generating sufficient revenue to bridge the gap between state and federal funding. We are certainly at the mercy of the Borough Assembly in terms of the current ferry system and fares with that pricely tariff being utilized to eliminate any deficit to a constantly increasing airport cost structure.

So let us give some thought to the future and what can be accomplished by fast and ready access in all kinds of weather and in terms of our many visitors and our lucky residents. Gravina has the space and area to allow an orderly and low cost extension of the Revilla growth and needs.

We need our bridges and the roadsystem to truly provide Ketchikan with a Gateway to all those who journey here or leave to visit elsewhere. Thanks Jackie....

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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