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Gravina Bridge
by Wieslaw Czajkowski


May 09, 2005

It was unfair by Mr. Gary Paxton (SITNEWS, May 5, Paxton Presents Regional Overview of Transportation Projects) not to mention that the Gravina bridge will never repay itself, for according to the Ketchikan 2020 Gravina Access Project's analysis of April 2000, the bridge would deliver only six hundred passengers to the Ketchikan International Airport daily.

Similar bridge in San Diego transits one hundred thirty six thousand people daily, and since 1965 it has been repaid completely.

Nor mr. Paxton did mention that during lenghty winters the Gravina bridge will expose people passing through to harsh climatic conditions, while under the Tongass Narrows a tube system, delivering pedestrians to the Airport will not, as well as the cargo ferries docked under a dome of a Commercial-Cultural Center, a Mall (CCC) do not either.

Ketchikan having such a Mall operating the entire year will feel themselves at home, to their benefit sharing that "home" with tourists from all over the world.

From an economical point of view, Ketchikans should think American, as well as Ketchikan, of course, and forget about the Gravina Bridge Access project, which, in opinion of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough manager Roy Eckert, is challenged by the CCC, and, therefore, the CCC deserves support of all representatives of the State of Alaska.

Wieslaw Czajkowski
San Diego, CA- USA


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