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Baseball and bowling...
by Jan Cadero


May 09, 2005

Thanks to Dave Kiffer for bringing up those childhood memories that seem to be stuck somewhere in the back of our minds. Your baseball story was great.... I remember spending a lot of time at the ballpark growing up, especially when my dad was president of Little League. I am now spending time at the ballpark with my own kids. In fact, I think one of the Settje boys lives here and has his own kids in Little League.

Now your story about Billiken Bowl... I was never much of a bowler, but always had fun. Even the old skating rink behind what used to be "Race Drug". We used to either go there every Saturday afternoon or to some wonderful (ha!) Tarzan movie at the Revilla Theater.

Thanks. I love your articles. Good Job!

Jan (Leding) Cadero
Port Hadlock WA - USA


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