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Responsible Teens & Adult Choices
by Archie Inoncillo


May 02, 2004

Okay. as we know, Saturday May 1st. was Prom night. Quite a bit of stuff went on, but all-in-all the night turned out to run smoothly except for such occasions of getting busted for drinking but that's an evil that's always dealt with in Ketchikan's everyday life. Anyway, I just wanted to thank the young people for making a healthy/good choice to not drink and drive. We were accident free this night.

Actually I couldn't speak about that much. To be honest, I did not go to Prom. Just for reasons of non-interest. But anyway, yeah - big points to the high schoolers that chose to not do anything irrational or just plain stupid. And to those who did and didn't get caught - no biggie, just don't let me catch ya. Just wanted to express how glad I am to see teens being responsible for the most part. Thanks. I appreciate the consideration.

On the subject of Ansharr's suggestion to ban non-smokers from smoking establishments. Sorry to say but that'll never happen. I know it's just a suggestion but still, I find that unrealistic. In this world of economy, business is business whether it be an alcoholic jerk who tips very generously to the total straight edge non-smoking, non-alcoholic businessperson who tips not at all. You cannot turn down consumers either way because in all sense business is in it for the money. If they don't let them buy the product then they lose money, simple as that. Businesses don't always look out for the well-being of people but they always have good intentions.

For the places that have established non-smoking environments, that is ultimately a good thing. Especially if you want to keep your business going because I know not everyone smokes or drinks and I know that not everyone doesn't.

I mean granted not every restaurant is geared towards family values and everything. Places like bars are granted that freedom/right to serve alcohol and let cigarettes be smoked because those are places that don't allow people under 18 or 21. Places like bars and adult places are respectively FOR the adult world. You wouldn't take your child to a smoke filled Chuck E. Cheese now would you?

And like Ansharr said, it is the adult CHOICE to do such things as become a welder or a bartender or a stripper or anything. And I respect the comment about the welding fumes being quite a bit more deadly than tobacco smoke. But still all in the same boat. At least breathing tobacco smoke can be prevented where in welding one cannot just stop and the fumes will go away. Welding is a profession and smoking isn't.

I'm sorry if I'm excessively using welding as an example but if I don't I lose my train of thought. Anyway that's all. Thank you for your time.

Archie Inoncillo
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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